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Real estate sells because of location, price, terms, condition and accessibility - NOT because of the name on the for sale sign

Flat Fee Exclusive Agency Listing

I will list your property in the Multiple Listing Service as an Exclusive Agency listing for a flat fee of $3,000.00. This is an MLS Exclusive Agency Agreement which allows you to sell your home yourself. If a co-operating broker brings you an offer through the MLS then you agree to pay that broker a commission. You determine the commission amount when you list the property, usually 2.5 - 3% of the selling price. Agents and brokers with interested buyers will contact you directly to show your property.

The median sales price of a home in San Diego County in May of 2018 was $570,000.00. A seller using my flat fee listing plan would save $11,250.00 in commission expenses when compared to a broker charging a 5% commission.

My services include all the services provided by full commission brokers including a lockbox and sign. I will assist you in contract negotiations and the preperation of all the required disclosure forms.

Here's what really happens when you list your home for sale in the current real estate enviornment of very limited inventory. The anxions buyer will find the house on one of the online real estate media sites and immediately call their agent who will make arrangements with you to show the listing.

Not available on Short Sale or Foreclosure listings